When it comes to the design of a cooking panel you have a lot of options to choose from. Mosaic stones, bricks or ceramic tiles are widely used for classic kitchens. While there is a newcomer that deserves the attention of owners of all contemporary and modern kitchens. Glass kitchen backsplash is a beautiful low maintenance material that will add to the design and the aesthetics of any kitchen. 

Let us share some inspiration with you and give you 10 reasons why glass backsplash is the best way to go!

First of all kitchen backsplash made of glass has a smooth seamless surface. There are no interruptions like for example with tiles or stone. This makes it so much easier to clean and maintain. Besides nonporous uniform surface of glass makes it 100% hygienic.

A clear glass kitchen backsplash works great for a few reasons. It allows the wall behind it to be clearly seen. At the same time, it protects it from grease and splashes and can be easily cleaned with a warm water or a special cleanser. One of the advantages is that you can basically paint whatever you want on the wall and cover it with the glass. If you feel like going creative this option might be for you.

A glass kitchen backsplash can actually cover a bigger area and come all the way up to the ceiling if there is a shelf layout instead of the cabinets. It serves as a protective layer for the wall. It also adds to the sleek look of the kitchen we must say. Bright colors will emphasize the design of your kitchen cabinetry like at this modern coffee and burgundy kitchen. 

One of the thing that we love the most is that glass kitchen backsplash looks very smooth and glossy. It reflects the light in an elegant way. At the same time, it is resistant to the sunlight and keeps its color for almost a lifetime. Like with any other kitchen backsplash you can accessorize it with the spice racks,  knife blocks, and even cookbook or iPad holder.

Glass backsplash is the most versatile kitchen backsplash product on the market. There are limitless design and color options from patterns, images to the solid glass backsplash. If you want to keep your kitchen space simple and clutter free go with a one color kitchen backsplash. It will give you an opportunity to bring attention to the kitchen details like cabinet fronts, hardware, accessories and etc. 

Want To Know What Option Will Work Best For Your Kitchen?

The modern kitchen could be a great field to play with contrasts and eye-catching design. You can choose a dark tone furniture and a light tone backsplash or play with two bright colors like in this orange and purple kitchen. Do you feel the 70s vibes already? Because we do! 

Taking into the consideration all the factors we have listed so far you can definitely say that glass backsplashes are nowadays kitchens must have. The versatility and low-maintenance qualities make them a perfect choice for the kitchen of any size and any style. They will look especially good with contemporary and minimalist kitchens where you should be smart about using the space and filling it with unnecessary details.  Kitchen backsplash made of glass could be an excellent focal point or a team player depending on how you incorporate it into your kitchen design.

Let Us Give You A Couple More Reasons To Chose Glass For Your Kitchen Backsplash

Due to the smooth, seamless surface of the kitchen backsplash, the focus falls to the color behind it. This mesmerizing blue shade paired with the charcoal black featured by cabinetry is adding depth to the kitchen.

Unlike other materials glass is a very good reflector of light. This is one of the reasons why glass is a perfect choice for a kitchen backsplash. It reflects the light of the ceiling fixtures and undercabinet light. If you want your kitchen to look bright and spacious go for white cabinets. 

This might be a minor thing for big kitchens, but really noticeable in small kitchens instead. It will not only make a small space look bigger but will give an opportunity to emphasize the details against its background.

In many cases, the kitchen backsplash is bringing up the lights in the room. Here is the one that does the opposite, in a good way though. This black backsplash looks gorgeous coupled with the white cabinetry. It gives an elegant and mysterious feel. It’s almost like a canvas where you can picture anything you want. 

What if you do not want to draw much attention to your backsplash area? Well, let us admit that leaving the wall bare is not very practical and will bring to damaging the wall behind the stove in a short period of time. Here is where the glass backsplash comes handy. You can choose a transparent glass backsplash or a simple solid glass backsplash and take advantage of its minimalism and versatility.

But it’s not only about the practical side of the glass backsplash. Being easy to clean and maintain it’s also an important part of design and source of colors, light, and inspiration for your cooking and dining area.

Now That We Have Learnt How You Can Benefit From Kitchen Backsplash Made Of Glass It’s Time To Think Of Remodeling Your Kitchen

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