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About the product

Almaz Studios has five years of experience with glass printing and installation and 350 unique projects completed.
We have a great team of dedicated in-house designers and glass professionals that are working on projects of any scale and difficulty. From the design intent to the implementation of the project Almaz Studios is going to be there to guide you through every step of the way.

Extremely Durable

Tempered glass is quite strong and scratch resistant as well as impact resistant, equivalent to a sledge hammer hitting the surface. Solid tempered glass backsplash kitchen will be your perfect choice.


Easy to Clean

Since the solid glass backsplashes are almost seamless, this makes them very low maintenance. Sleek and flat glass surface makes it very easy to clean any stain or spill by just wiping it with any cleaning product of your choice.


Intensely Hygienic

Glass is a healthy and extremely sanitary choice for your kitchen since it’s not hospitable to mold, bacteria and viruses so maintaining a hygienic kitchen backsplash panels requires little effort.


Heat Resistant

If you love cooking and concerned about the backsplash being exposed to a very high temperature for hours-  don’t worry!  With a tempered glass surface since it can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470° Fahrenheit.

Our Technology

Almaz Studios is a glass manufacturer and performs all the work in-house. This allows us to follow all the details closely and have the product ready for you in a shorter period of time.

With the help of the top-line technologies, we print images directly to the back side of the glass and have them sealed for an extended durability. At Almaz Studios, we use high-tech equipment and materials of the best quality. All our inks have exceptional saturation and brightness and are resistant to sunlight. You can be sure that your glass backsplash kitchen will keep the same brightness for many years forward even under a constant sunlight.

Why Almaz Studios?

Infinite Color and
Design Options

Only Tempered Glass
Fewer or No Seams

100% Hygienic – No Germs
Easy Maintenance

Heat, Stain, Scratch and
Odor Resistant

No Size Limitations

Quick and Reliable
Lead Times

Professional Team and
In-House Designers

5 Years
Extended Warranty

Our Services

We offer creative design solutions for kitchens, bathroom, office spaces and much more. Our large format printing equipment allows us to print on any flat surfaces like glass, mirror, metal, wood, acrylic and even stucco We can match any color, directly paint or print on glass, cut the glass and process the edges as per the project specifications.