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room partitions

Room Partitions

Room partitions are a great way to transform your living and working space. Contemporary office and room dividers by Almaz Studios add to the creative design and aesthetics without sacrificing the natural light. We adhere safe and practical design and always provide custom solutions for every project.

glass shower doors

Glass Shower Doors

Custom back-painted and printed glass shower doors add to the privacy and to the design of your bathroom. Limitless color and design options, extreme durability and low-maintenance make glass shower doors by Almaz Studios a perfect choice for projects of any scale.

faux stained glass

Faux Stained Glass

A faux stained glass is an elegant solution for commercial and residential projects. Almaz Studios has capabilities to apply faux stained glass technique to windows, doors, cabinet doors, stained glass ceiling, walls and much more.

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Almaz Studios – Glass & Backsplash Manufacturers In New York

Almaz Studios is glass and backsplash manufacturers with fifteen years experience in the glass industry.

We have an in-house design team and high-tech printing technologies to meet the needs of any project. Almaz Studios is working with interior designers and architects across the United States and is happy to contribute to your next project. We specialize in printing on any kind of glass surface like room partitions, glass shower doors, kitchen backsplash and cabinets, table tops etc. Contact us to see how you can benefit from our corporate customer program.

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Glass kitchen backsplash 

is tempered, non-porous stain and scratch resistant surface. It eliminates all of these problems, making it the most versatile, tough, most heat resistant, the cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking backsplash on the market

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