• Does glass tile scratch easily? 

Tempered glass is scratch-resistant  

  • I bake and cook a lot. What is the highest temperature that tempered glass can withstand? 

Tempered glass can withstand constant temperatures of up to

470° Fahrenheit.

  • Do you use grout when installing a glass backsplash? 

No, we do not use any grout. The few seams that will be there are sealed with

special see-through caulk, making sure it does not distort your design, and 

preventing moisture from seeping through, keeping your backsplash free of mold and grease.   

  • Is glass backsplash more expensive than glass tiles? 

Yes, glass backsplash is more expensive than glass or ceramic tiles because of its versatility. Almaz Studios designers use as few seams as possible, so a large piece of glass is used instead of many small ones. We also make sure the glass can be cut in any shape to be installed at any tricky corner of your home. We use the highest quality materials to make sure the colors are vibrant and precisely matching the design you chose. 

  • How do I clean a glass backsplash? 

Any store-bought glass cleaning agent can be sprayed onto the glass surface and wiped clean. Because glass is not as porous as other materials, with no grout and almost no seams it will not absorb grease and moisture as much as ceramics or glass tile. 

  • Can I use my own art photography to print on the glass backsplash? 

Yes, you can send us a high definition photo of your own, and our professional designers will work on producing high quality large print, making sure its color scheme complements the rest of your space decor.

  • Will the color peel off or discolor with time?

Not if you order it from Almaz Studios! We put the color on the back of the glass, so it’s completely protected from peeling off. Also the color has a factory-baked on finish on top of it, so it will never fade from sunlight.  

  • What backsplash will match my white minimalist kitchen with white countertop? 

For your minimalist kitchen a glass backsplash with printed design is the focal point. Its color is vibrant and rich and the glass reflects the light fixture above the island. The crisp white that surrounds the backsplash makes the kitchen look incredibly bright, airy and spacious. 

  • What backsplash will match my oak kitchen cabinets with black granite countertop?

A simple glass backsplash in pastel colors will keep this area simple and clutter-free and will offer the opportunity to focus on other elements such as the cabinet fronts or the countertops which can become the new focal points of the room 

  •  What backsplash will match my neutral cabinets, and dark color countertop?

The smooth, uninterrupted surface of the backsplash allows all the focus to be on   the color behind it. A deep shade of blue will be mesmerizing and will go very well with neutral cabinets and dark color countertop.

  • Would glass backsplash help to make my small kitchen look bigger?

Another beauty of the glass backsplash is that it reflects the light and everything in front of it in a subtle yet still noticeable way. This can be a detail that helps making a small kitchen look bigger 

  • Can I choose a glass backsplash without any color or frosted?

Clear glass is not as expensive and adds light to the room, but shows whatever is behind. Frosted glass is also less costly but adhesives would show through if attached the same way as the painted glass. Painted glass is definitely a superior choice since it never needs to be removed. The back-paint hides any wall imperfections and is much easier to seal, preventing dust and insects from getting in.

  • Can I paint the glass myself? 

Be warned: DIY attempts at painting glass tend to fail, both in uniformity and durability. Substituting with acrylic does not work well either, because acrylic scratches and warps easily, and soon begs to be replaced. Our unique technology allows us to print any design preserving the exact colors and graphics as the original image. The solid color will always be smooth and flawless on the glass, baked in. 

  • Can I install your backsplash myself?

The DIY version of a backsplash we offer is ready-to-install glass backsplash cut and painted per your specifications. It could be shipped all over the U.S. straight to your home, all wrapped up and protected, accompanied with tools and step-by-step instructions on how to install it. Your only homework will be to provide us with precise measurements and an image or a color of your choice. You can use our website to select a beautiful image from the catalogues, or send us your own photo. 

  • Do you install only locally? 

Almaz Studios is located in Brooklyn NY and you are welcome to stop by our store! We install glass backsplashes all over the Tri-state area. Our professionals will arrive at your home to take the exact measurements, and then, once the glass is ready to go, they will come back to install it making sure that it looks seamless and beautiful in your kitchen.