Glass backsplash Trend is Spreading –

with a great speed across the nation. Sleek and modern look, low maintenance, totally customizable with a limitless color options – those are just a few benefits of Solid Color Glass Backsplashes. Whether your style is classic or bold, neutral or loud, a solid color glass backsplash is going to be a beautiful addition to any kitchen. It’s up to you if you want to match the color of your cabinets or experiment with pops of bright colors, Almaz Studios have you covered! We stock more than a 1000 standard backsplash colors; however, we are also able to match any color code from most top selling paint brands. With a color matched backsplash, you can fully personalize your kitchen conforming to your kitchen style.


Designer Backsplash

There is an important thing to remember when designing your glass backsplash: you need to find an option that is going to withstand the test of time and flow of fashion. Many homeowners chose a glass backsplash that is trendy at the moment of installation, but becomes boring over time.

Our experienced team is here to protect you from taking the steps in wrong direction and provide you with a professional advice from a competent designer. If you are looking to bring in some light colors or create an elegant pastel focal point behind the stove and sink, our job is to make sure it is something you will be enjoying for years to come. A good tip here is to coordinate the colors with furniture or go for a cool neutral.



Luxury Collection

Create a high-end look with a luxury collection of sparkle glass backsplashes by ALMAZ Studios where a fine dispersion of light is totally guaranteed. This type of backsplash is amazingly attractive in areas illuminated by undercabinet lighting by providing fancy luminous tone to your entire kitchen. The sparkles can be added to any standard color or can be matched to top paint brands to create a radiant sparkling effect with 2 styles of density: light or heavy.  Impress everyone by expressing your sophisticated personality and style of your radiant kitchen.

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Almaz Studios

Design & Printing

Glass kitchen backsplash 

is tempered, non-porous stain and scratch resistant surface. It eliminates all of these problems, making it the most versatile, tough, most heat resistant, the cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking backsplash on the market

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