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Almaz Studios is a manufacturer and supplier of back painted glass. Back painted glass panels are commonly referred to as solid glass backsplash and are most widely used in kitchens and bathrooms.

A solid glass backsplash is a modern approach to a traditional design. The seamless sleek look of the solid glass backsplashes is what makes it so attractive. With a wide range of colors available from Almaz Studios, you can find a perfect way to compliment your shower walls, kitchen cabinets, and work surfaces. Check out the color palette below and contact our representative to receive a sample.

Solid Glass Backsplash Colors  

Discover backsplash colors by Almaz Studios

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Things to Know About Solid Glass Backsplash

  • Comes in back painted glass (one color) or back printed glass (a print of a photo, pattern)
  • Can be made of a clear glass or crystal clear starphire glass 1/4” thick
  • Solid glass backsplash is not exposed to a mechanical damage and fading even at direct sunlight
  • Designed to be used at temperatures up to 450 0F degrees without any damage or discoloration
  • Solid glass backsplash can be made of tempered glass on request in case of a close contact to high heat
  • The backsplash is durable: extremely tough, scratch-proof, heat-proof, easy-to-clean, non-staining, breeze to maintain and hygienic glass product
  • A back-painted glass is quick in the installation which takes just 1,5 hour

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Almaz Studios Provides Back Painted Glass For Residential And Commercial Projects

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The glass is a very popular product among architects and interior designers around the world. It is practical and easy to incorporate into any kitchen or bathroom design, it can fulfill a great number of functions from being low-maintenance to heat resistant.

The trend of using back painted glass for kitchen and bathroom remodeling is global The customers are offered numerous decorative solutions from solid glass backsplash to printed backsplash – your imagination tells the story.

With the development of modern technology the architects and designers have received access to a huge selection of colors and therefore are able to create more colorful projects for their clients. Solid glass backsplash is a glass which is being back painted, but it is, in fact, a special color coating which bonds with the glass surface. Using the most advanced UV printer technology the paint is applied to the back side of the backsplash. The premium quality of the solid glass backsplash is evident from the first sight. But you should also know that it’s made of a toughened tempered glass and is heat and scratch resistant. We at Almaz Studios are completely confident of the product’s longevity and that is why are offering an extended 5-year warranty against peeling and color fading.

Almaz Studios

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Glass kitchen backsplash 

is tempered, non-porous stain and scratch resistant surface. It eliminates all of these problems, making it the most versatile, tough, most heat resistant, the cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking backsplash on the market

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