Kitchen Backsplash Designs

by Almaz Studios

Discover a wide range of color and design options to choose from plus an individual color match service to suit your specific requirements


Solid Color Backsplash!

Enjoy Infinite Color Choice

Blue kitchen backsplash

Unique Design Backsplash

Let your backsplash express your personality

kitchen backsplash desings

DIY Glass Backsplash

Learn how to install it yourself

kitchen backsplash DIY

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Extremely Durable

Tempered glass is quite strong and scratch resistant as well as impact resistant, equivalent to a sledge hammer hitting the surface. Solid tempered glass backsplash kitchen will be your perfect choice.

kitchen backsplash colorsEasy to Clean

Since the solid glass backsplashes are almost seamless, this makes them very low maintenance. Sleek and flat glass surface makes it very easy to clean any stain or spill by just wiping it with any cleaning product of your choice. 

kitchen backsplash new york

Intensely Hygienic

Glass is a healthy and extremely sanitary choice for your kitchen since it’s not hospitable to mold, bacteria and viruses so maintaining a hygienic kitchen backsplash requires little effort.

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Heat Resistant

If you love cooking and concerned about the backsplash being exposed to a very high temperature for hours-  don’t worry!  With a tempered glass surface since it can withstand constant temperatures of up to 470° Fahrenheit.

We Provide Custom Kitchen Backsplash Designs & Solutions for Every Client

We at Almaz Studios understand that kitchens are different as well as the styles and desires of the owners. We always eager to provide you with the best products that will create a striking focal point and will fit organically into your home space. Let’s create something beautiful together!

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See What Our Customers Say About Us

Martha, New York

Couldn’t believe the prices and were dubious to place the order. Having spoken to Mary in customer service we knew we were in good hands. The glass backsplash was made and installed perfectly – very happy indeed.”

Alakbar, Long Island

“My wife was searching for so long for a company which will have good prices and good quality, and finally we have found Almaz Studios. The crew is very professional, they’ve done everything in a timely manner without any mistakes. My wife is very picky but she loves our backsplash, so do I.”

Liuda Y. New Jersey

“The Interior Decor NY cabinets in my kitchen are terrific! I am very happy with the result! Good job, great team! I HIGHLY recommend them!!!”

Why Almaz Studios?

glass backsplash kitchen

Infinite Color and

Design Options

glass backsplash kitchen

Only Tempered Glass

Fewer or No Seams

glass backsplash kitchen

100% Hygienic – No Germs

Easy Maintenance

glass backsplash kitchen

Heat, Stain, Scratch and

Odor Resistant

glass backsplash kitchen

No Size Limitations

glass backsplash kitchen

Quick and Reliable Lead Times

glass backsplash kitchen

Professional Team and

In-House Designers

glass backsplash kitchen

5 Years Extended Warranty

The Versatility

Glass backsplash is one of the most versatile products on the market. Since there are many benefits contributing to its value. From any color of your choice to unique kitchen backsplash designs where you can make sure that it completely matches your kitchen design, theme, style and can be installed even on most challenging corners

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What kinf of backsplash you are interested in?

What kinf of Cabinet Glass you are interested in?

What kinf of Wall Art you are interested in?

What kinf of Faux Stained-Glass you are interested in?

Almaz Studios

Design & Printing

Glass kitchen backsplash 

is tempered, non-porous stain and scratch resistant surface. It eliminates all of these problems, making it the most versatile, tough, most heat resistant, the cleanest, easiest to maintain and most attractive looking backsplash on the market

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