Kitchen Backsplash Ideas to Embrace this Season


 Kitchen Backsplash Ideas –  kitchen backsplash is what you receive when professional kitchen planning and interior design come together.

Besides the practical role of protecting the walls from oil, grease and splashes, nowadays kitchen backsplashes are also a big part of decor. A great choice of all kind of surfaces allows you to be creative with almost no limitations.

A well designed backsplash is usually the first thing that draws your attention when entering a kitchen, so no wonder homeowners along with designers are trying to make it stand out.

Kitchen backsplash is one of the key points when it comes to kitchen projects”, says Alex Beaugeard, design director at McCarron&Co.

Being vertical surfaces, they carry a significant design weight and therefore inspire to experiment.

Here are some kitchen backsplashes ideas to consider if you want to turn a simple living space into a masterpiece. An antique touch is proving to be popular this season.

To achieve a classic elegant look designers tend to combine metallics, such as gold or copper with a crisp marble work or a smoked mirror to make it even more light. Another way of adding an accent to your kitchen is to go for black and grey stone backsplashes, or a black tile backsplash, that will fit perfectly with furniture in pale grey or chalky white tones.

If you are an owner of a contemporary kitchen you would probably want to go with a brightly toned toughened glass backsplash. This will add some depth to the design without overloading the room. To fresh things up a little bit try bold bright colors like wine red or navy blue.

Looking for inspiration for your next project? Check out kitchen backsplash ideas now!


Photo Printing Backsplashes

Graphic and photo print on backsplashes will work good with a neutral kitchen scheme. It will create a feature wall in your kitchen that will stand out from the rest of the space.

With hundreds of stock pictures and custom design options you can match the color of your cabinetry and fit the backsplash in the design organically. You will also enjoy the advantage of easy cleaning and maintaining.

Once installed and sealed, simply clean with regular household products

kitchen backsplash ideas 2018

kitchen backsplash ideas

kitchen backsplash image printed on glass


Colorful Acrylic Backsplashes

If you have a modern kitchen a glossy surface like acrylic would be a smart choice.  Being a UV resistant material it also comes in a variety of colors. Pick the color carefully though.

A backsplash that appear to be great in a showroom would not necessarily  look the same under your kitchen lights. To stay on a safe side request a sample to review before installing.

If it’s all good to go prepare for compliments. Because colorful acrylic backsplash is designed to make a statement.


Moroccan Tile Backsplash

If you are looking to bring an exotic touch to your kitchen go for Moroccan tile backsplash. There is a great variety of popular kitchen colors to choose from.

You can either mix the shades within the same palette or go for a classic deep blue to create a subtle finish.

Printing on tiles will bring the layers of texture and pattern to the smooth surface.

moroccan kitchen backsplash ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas

Blue kitchen backsplash ideas

Stone Backsplash

If you think that a stone backsplash like marble for example will blow your bank, think again. Our kitchen backsplash ideas will help you come up with best backsplash designs on a budget.

With the latest technology you can easily recreate the natural look by printing onto the backsplash. Allow for diverse design and inherent beauty of the natural look of the material.

Another great thing about going natural design is that it never goes out of fashion. With marble and wooden backsplashes you can keep it elegant and classic and bring out the best in your kitchen. Little trick to use here is to match the color and pattern of the countertop to create a smooth and a seamless look.

kitchen backsplash ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas white kitchen stone


Wallpaper Wow Effect

It’s pretty unfair that wallpapers are often being an afterthought when it comes to kitchen stove backsplash, especially when they have so much to offer.

You can play with shades and colors, forms and patterns. Wallpapers will add personality to the space and prevent it from looking too clinical.

You can always seal a wallpaper backsplash with a glass or acrylic for practical reasons.

kitchen backsplash ideas

kitchen backsplash ideas


Keep it sleek

Stainless steel backsplash will add an industrial element to your kitchen. It looks rough yet chic, easy to maintain and clean.

The best thing is that you don’t have to worry about scratching the surface because it will only add to the character. Keep it fancy by choosing a hammered copper or glamourous with a brushed finish.




Add Juicy Colors

Who said a kitchen should be boring? An easy way to inject colour and life into a kitchen design is to go with a lime green glass backsplash. A bright color will fresh up a grey and white tones kitchen and will also look perfect with modern design appliances.


Make it glossy

An attractive choice for modern style kitchen is a glossy glass backsplash. It looks lovely, easy to clean and is not interrupted by the grout in comparison to  a tiled surface.

It’s always fun to be involved in the creative process and coordinate with the professional on the design. Play with images and colors considering that glass backsplashes have a subtle sheen.

As you can see you have a great choice here. A good tip to keep in mind whether you go with a stone backsplash or a glass backsplash is to always play with material’s strength by backlighting or downlighting to make the most of the texture and patterns.


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