Whether you are planning to do a makeover of your kitchen, or turn your shower into the most meditative and relaxing space in your home, you will be searching for a material that would withstand time and life – high temperatures, grease, soap scum, and moisture. There are lots of options on the market today – different materials, textures, and colors, but glass is the only one that’s most modern, easy to clean, eco-friendly material that will make your kitchen or bathroom look amazing! Glass also works well for room dividers, and other indoor places. 

Tempered glass with a solid or a design print of your choice printed on the back will be able to complement any kitchen or shower looking elegant and vibrant even after years of use. Because glass is less porous than ceramic tiles, it is a stain, mold, and mildew resistant. Since the glass will not be see-through, it will hide any wall defects, unevenness, or other imperfections.  


Whether you want your backsplash to complement your cabinets and countertop, or to stand out, adding a vibrant color, our Almaz Studio professional design team will work with you to find what works best for you – a solid color, a design print, or a photo from our endless professional catalogues we have on our website. You can even provide your own photo – a work of art or a memory of your own that will make your space personable and special.  

You can install a small backsplash yourself, using our detailed instructions that will come in with your order, or, for larger, more complicated orders our professional Almaz Studio professionals will come in to install the backsplash for you. Mostly cut as a single piece, in places that are unavoidable, there will be virtually no visible seams, which will be sealed to prevent any moisture seeping through; your electrical plugs will be carefully worked into the design, and in no time your kitchen or bathroom will look gorgeous for many years to come, a place that will reflect your artistic side, and put you and people around you in a good mood every time.