Glass Backsplash

We at Almaz Studios understand that kitchens are different as well as the styles and desires of the owners. We are always eager to provide you with the best products that will create a striking focal point and will fit organically into your home space. Let’s create something beautiful together!
Glass backsplash is a perfect way to finish off your kitchen. It is meant to protect your wall from water and oil splashes while cooking. There is a great selection of colors and designs to choose from. Besides kitchen splashbacks are made of tempered glass which is resistant to high temperatures and is about four times stronger than the regular one.
Check out all the advantages of a tempered glass backsplash. Enjoy cooking, not cleaning with your new glass backsplash from Almaz Studios.

Different Types of Backsplash in Tempered Glass

As a homeowner or designer you are always looking for a special piece that would perfectly fit your project.
The best thing about tempered glass backsplash is that there are tons of options to go with from a solid color to a custom design.
Here are just a few types of glass backsplash for kitchens you can get your inspiration from

Solid color backsplash

Enjoy infinite color choice

Glass backsplash trend is spreading with a great speed across the nation. Sleek and modern look, low maintenance, totally customizable with a limitless color options – those are just a few benefits of solid color glass backsplashes.
Whether your style is classic or bold, neutral or loud, a solid color glass backsplash is going to be a beautiful addition to any kitchen…

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Unique design backsplash

Let your backsplash express your personality


Unique Design Kitchen Backsplash – is a custom printed backsplash which gives you unlimited design options. There is a great variety of patterns, graphic images and even family photos to chose from. You can either provide us with a high-resolution image of your choice or share an idea with our in-house designers and we will create several options for you.

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DIY Backsplash

Learn how to install it yourself


DIY Kitchen Backsplash– is custom painted or printed backsplash measured and installed by you, fabricated and delivered by us. It’s a great and a budget option if you enjoy doing things yourself and are ready for a backsplash project.

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The thing we like about tempered glass kitchen backsplash the most is how easy and quickly it refreshes your kitchen space. When people think about remodeling and renovating their kitchens they are usually struck with the scale and cost of the project. Glass kitchen backsplash will not only bring in new colors to your kitchen but will also serve you a good purpose. It will keep your kitchen clean, hygienic and save you time with your family.