There are many options to choose from when it comes to glass kitchen backsplash. So what makes a tempered glass backsplash a perfect choice? Here is a list of major benefits of tempered glass kitchen backsplash over the regular glass and other materials you should consider when starting a kitchen project.


What is a tempered glass?

Tempered glass is almost four times stronger than “regular,” or annealed, glass. This effect is achieved by heating the glass at great temperatures and then cooling it at once. This treatment toughens the glass and changes it structure to the benefit of the customers.

Benefits of Tempered Glass Backsplash – Safety Comes First

One of the biggest benefits of tempered glass and therefore tempered glass backsplash, lays in its strength. Regular glass will break at 6,000 pounds per square inch (psi). While tempered glass generally breaks at 24,000 psi. Besides, it’s not only about when it breaks it’s also about how it breaks. Regular glass cracks into sharp large pieces which can be extremely dangerous. In its turn tempered glass disintegrates into many tiny parts dramatically reducing the risk of injury.

Tempered Glass Backsplash Equals Clean Kitchen

What makes homeowners more inclined towards buying tempered glass kitchen backsplash is its low maintenance qualities. We all know that family dinners inevitably come with splashes of water, oil and other liquids. Besides, steam and smoke leave dirty marks on whatever surface encounters them. But no one really wants cooking to involve cleaning routine thereafter. Here is when tempered glass backsplash comes into play. It takes only seconds to clean with just a piece of cloth and a cleaning chemical. Its surface is resistant to scratch and stains making cleaning as easy and fast as possible.

Tempered Glass Backsplash VS Other Materials?

Tempered glass kitchen backsplash offers numerous design options to play with. It will work both for those who are looking for a simple and minimalistic kitchen design, and those who would like to pop some colors into their dining area. Comparing to other materials tempered glass kitchen backsplash can be made in any shade and color possible to match any kitchen.

Besides design options and safety qualities mentioned above, there is also a price advantage. Tempered glass backsplash is cost effective than most of other materials used for kitchen splashbacks. In short, you end up with a beautiful product at affordable price.



Unlike Granite, Glass Backsplash is stain and scratch resistant! Granite requires periodical sealing since it can easily soak up liquids if you don’t re-apply the proper granite sealer every 1 to 3 years

Solid Wood


The porous surface of solid wood can harbor colonies of germs. Glass backsplash kitchen offers nonporous surface! It does not wear and tear and does not require refinishing, unlike wood.

Porcelain & Ceramic Tiles


If not periodically cared for grout may become easily corrupted by moisture and humidity, which will after cost discoloration and trigger the formation of mold and mildew. Glass kitchen backsplash has no grout and therefore is 100% hygienic.  



You will want to make sure that you do not cook any acidic foods around this type of backsplash unless you have it properly sealed. It is not very heat resistant as well as soft and porous. Tempered glass backsplash has you covered here being non-porous, tempered and low-maintenance.

Stainless Steel


It is not scratch resistant in comparison to solid glass. Food, grease, and fingerprints all show very clearly on stainless steel necessitating continual cleaning.



It is not the best option for use behind a gas range due to the open flames. While tempered glass backsplash is resistant to high temperatures!

Different Types of Backsplash in Tempered Glass

As a homeowner or designer you are always looking for a special piece that would perfectly fit your project. The best thing about tempered glass backsplash is that there are tons of options to go with from a solid color to a custom design. Here are just a few types of glass backsplash for kitchens you can get your inspiration from.

Solid Glass Backsplash

Solid glass backsplash is an elegant solution for a modern and minimalistic kitchen. It comes in a variety of standard backsplash colors and is easy to match any color code from most top-selling paint brands. It gives your kitchen a seamless subtle look and has no size limitations.

Custom Design Glass

Tempered glass kitchen backsplash with a custom design is the most versatile product on market. They have become a favorite of American homeowners due to its infinite design options. You can participate in creating a masterpiece by personally choosing an image, a pattern or shade of the glass.

Luxury Collection

If you really want your kitchen to stand out add some sparkles to your tempered glass backsplash! This radiant sparkling effect is obtained by adding the sparkles to a paint color and looks especially good in tandem with under cabinet lighting.

The thing we like about tempered glass kitchen backsplash the most is how easy and quickly it refreshes your kitchen space. When people think about remodeling and renovating their kitchens they are usually struck with the scale and cost of the project. Glass kitchen backsplash will not only bring in new colors to your kitchen but will also serve you a good purpose. It will keep your kitchen clean, hygienic and save you time with your family.

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