Interior designers and architects all around the US are choosing glass for their bathroom backsplash projects. Let us give a couple of reasons why it is happening and where the inspiration is coming from.

When you do not have much time for a complete remodeling but feel like you need a change of scenery, the best way to go is to simply install a new bathroom backsplash. It’s an easy and timesaving project that will actually give your bathroom a lift. A pop of new colors will make a difference to your everyday morning routine and turn it into a pleasant ritual.


Being an eye drawing detail bathroom backsplash is going to change the appearance of the whole space.


Whether you are starting a life in a new apartment and want to make it suitable for yourself and your family or you want to fresh things up before putting a listing on market, these bathroom backsplash ideas will have you inspired.

Starting a bathroom remodeling you have hundreds of options to go with. But there are few main things you should always consider if we are talking about a bathroom backsplash installation.

Choose Long-Lasting High-quality Materials

First of all, you want to make sure that you chose long-lasting high-quality materials. The obvious winner here is tempered glass. This is a toughened glass which is almost four times stronger than the regular glass. It is conveniently manufactured and provided by Almaz Studios.


Think Twice When Picking The Color

Second of all think twice when choosing the color. Being the most versatile product on market solid glass backsplash comes in a great variety of shades and colors. You can try to match the rest of your design or go neutral. In other words, try to think ahead and plan for a couple of years to come.

Shapes & Sizes Make a Difference

To stay on a safe side go with standard shapes and sizes. Of course, if you have a professional interior designer on board you can relax and be sure that the outcome is going to be great no matter how extravagant the design is. On the other hand, if you are the one making decisions it’s always safer to stick to the standard forms and sizes. The most common way to apply bathroom wall panels is to have them installed on of the shower walls, or behind the sink area or you can also have one of the walls covered full height

Bathroom backsplash serves as a protective panel for the wall. But do not forget that at the same time it is also a decorative element that can be used as a canvas for design experiments. Even if you prefer to stick to classics there are numerous ways how you can get creative with your bathroom backsplash.

Let’s take a look a few examples of how you can incorporate bathroom wall panels into your design.

Green bathroom backsplash will work great with natural materials. If you have a bathroom made of gray stone and a wooden countertop, mix it up with a fresh green backsplash that will give your bathroom a brighter and a deeper look.
Patterns look especially nice when you have a minimalistic bathroom. Remember, you do not want to overdo it. So if you are not certain about matching the colors here is a great tip. Go with a simple background to make the pattern pop up. If the wall and the floor tiles are in one color, like gray on this picture, you can add some printed glass onto the back wall of your shower cabin and make it stand out. Abstract marine prints will create a perfect relaxing atmosphere.
If you are a morning shower person than a red backsplash is for you. It will be your source of energy every time you are taking a shower and help you wake up. Add some plants to clear the air and add some cozy vibes.
But red backsplash can also be calming if used in a different layout. Unlike shower panels, bathroom wall panels can become a nice background for an open bathtub. Illuminated by the two wall lighting fixtures red becomes less arrogant and more gentle. In tandem with a neutral palette, this bathroom splashback really makes a statement.
One of our favorite colors for bathroom backsplash is blue. Blue feels like a natural choice for the bathroom since it gives the sea and ocean vibes. All shades of blue will look great with white tiles from light blue to deep mesmerizing blue.
Bathroom remodeling is easy with professionals. Almaz Studios has a team of in-house designers who will help you create a beautiful unique backsplash for the bathroom.

New Glass Bathroom Backsplash is just a call away

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