Backsplashes have become one of the most innovative kitchen design features because they are available in a wide collection of colors and materials. And today, many interior designers and home-makers use Glass Kitchen Backsplash remodeling to add an exciting feel to their kitchen. Kitchen backsplash enhances the beauty, durability, and give your kitchen great advantages.

The most incredible thing about carrying out kitchen backsplash remodeling is that the result is always beautiful, pleasant and appealing as long as it is done correctly.

So whether you’re doing a smaller update to your current design or a complete kitchen remodeling, consider installing a new glass backsplash for an appealing custom look.

DIY Kitchen backsplash installation is quite fast and easy whether you are using an adhesive or peel and stick backsplash. All you need is just some great tips on how to get this done. We have prepared a list of proven tips to help you make this project a success.

Here are 10 things to keep in mind before installing a DIY Kitchen Backsplash

1. Backsplash Design

There are numerous options when it comes to kitchen backsplash designs. You can go with a solid glass backsplash, abstract or picture print, single color back painted backsplash etc. Remember that backsplash is going to become a focal point of your kitchen, so chose wisely and try to follow the style and color of your kitchen.

2. High-Resolution Images

Make sure that you use high-resolution images when ordering a DIY kitchen backsplash. There are several websites where you can look for quality images. Some of them are free like or You can also buy an image from a professional photographer on or

3. Backsplash Layout

You probably already know that a kitchen backsplash starts at the countertop. Where the height of the backsplash ends, depends on you. The most common DIY Kitchen Backsplash size is a square piece behind the stove area. But there are several options to choose from – make it up to the vent hood, up to the ceiling or kitchen cabinets etc. To get hints of the tour, just bring your backsplash close to the bottom of your cabinet or first shelf, if the design is open shelving. If the design of your glass backsplash allows, you could probably extend it to the ceiling in places without cabinets like above your cooking stove, or above the sink. A counter to ceiling installation makes the glass backsplash the center of attraction in your kitchen.

4. Never Hurts To Double Check

Measure the height and the width of the area you want to be covered with glass. Send the exact measurements to Almaz Studios and include special details if there are any. We will send you a drawing for confirmation before moving forward with fabrication. Once everything is confirmed it takes about two to three weeks to get everything done and ready for delivery.

5. Cover Up Kitchen Cabinets

You have finally received an art piece from Almaz Studios and ready to proceed with installation! Woohoo! Remember, that installing a backsplash can be messy.  Ensure to cover up your cabinets and countertop with drop cloths and plastic to prevent spills, adhesive or scratches.

6. Turn Off Your Electricity

Safety comes first! Ensure to turn off your electric appliances and put out the power source as this will ensure maximum safety as you work around areas close to switches and outlet during the project.

7. Put On Gloves

It’s always recommended to put on gloves when installing glass kitchen backsplash. This will not only protect your glass from unwanted stains and scratches but will also make your hands less slippery.

8. Begin From The Countertop

Here is another great tip for your peel and stick backsplash installation. It is best to start from the countertop because this will help you keep up a straight level and make sure that glass sheet will end up in the right place.

9. Use The Right Adhesive

The adhesive is very important since you do not want it to mess up all the beauty of your DIY kitchen backsplash. In order to have it right use Clear Silicone #II. You can either buy it from Home Depot or order from Almaz Studios together with your backsplash. Our representative will provide you with the exact written instructions on how to apply it.

10. Enjoy Low Maintenance & Keep Your Backsplash Shiny

Glass backsplashes do not have seams and grout areas and therefore require little to no maintenance. Because the surface of the glass is non-porous you will not only have no problems with the stains penetration but will also have a safe hygienic cooking place.  For regular cleaning of the glass simply dip a soft cloth in some warm water and wipe the backsplash down. For extra care use the cleanser. Just make sure to double check that it’s meant for glass surfaces and will not leave any scratches.

We hope you found our tips handy and that they will help you with your next project. Hence, whether you’re carrying out a peel and stick backsplash or any other style, don’t forget to always stick to these steps because it will certainly help you end up with a perfect result for a DIY kitchen backsplash.

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