Kitchen backsplash, or as they also called splashbacks, were made to protect the wall behind the stove from the splashes of oil and other ingredients while cooking. Although they were earlier merely used for protection, the introduction of different building material like glass, for example, has totally changed the game. People now use backsplashes as a way of expressing themselves and their cooking and eating habits. All of this has made glass backsplash a very popular choice among the homeowners. Why? 

Let Us Give You 10 Benefits Of Glass Backsplash for Kitchen

1. Easy To Clean

The glass is one of the few materials that are very easy to clean. All you need is a wet piece of cloth and you would be able to clean most of the spots just by rubbing the glass backsplash. For the stubborn dirt and spots, you can use some cleaning agents and cleaning would be a piece of cake.

2. High Resistance to Heat

Since a backsplash stays very close to the heat, it is important that it is able to withstand high temperatures without breaking or changing shape. Glass is known to have excellent heat resistant properties and this is why you can be confident that even though your glass backsplash will be around the flame the entire time, it will not change its size or shape.

3. Easy to Install

As compared to other popular backsplash materials, glass is handier and lighter. This becomes evident when you start installing a glass splashback in your kitchen. All you have to make sure is that you do not drop it. But you do not really have to worry about it if you have professionals doing it for you. Other than that, there is hardly anything else that you need to think about.

4. Resistant to Chemicals

There are a lot of reasons why backsplash for kitchen might come in contact with chemicals. First, there are cleaning agents that contain strong chemicals; and then there are some recipe ingredients like vinegar which are scientifically nothing but acids. This is why you need a backsplash which can withstand a decent amount of chemical contact. Glass is a perfect choice here too.

Here Are 5 More Benefits of Glass Backsplash You Will Be Surprised To Know

5. Cheap and Replaceable

Another reason why people love glass backsplashes is the fact that they are relatively cheaper. So, in the most unlikely event that you break it or if you just want to change it for any reason, buying a new backsplash will never break you bank and neither will removing and installing another one. Also, if you are moving from a backsplash made from another material to a glass one, the change can be easy to accommodate, pleasing to the eye and negligible hassle.

6. Looks Good

Glass ornaments have always been considered as luxurious things to own. Same goes for glass backsplashes as well. They look luxurious and create a different style statement that other materials fail to do. Plus, with all the design and shape options available, you can create a masterpiece of your own at a fraction of the cost.

7. Unlimited Color Choices

Opting for a glass backsplash gives you an opportunity to select a color or no color at all depending upon the interiors of your kitchen or as per your desire. Producing a colored glass backsplash costs ‘almost’ the same as producing a 100% transparent version. Considering the fact that other popular splashback materials do not give you an option of color selection, this makes glass even more favorable.

8. Easy to Customize

Buying a glass backsplash provides you with an option to customize each and every aspect of it. Apart from colors that we have already discussed, glass lets you create designs and carve out creative corners which are impossible in backsplashes made from other materials. Plus, since glass is easy to paint, you can create any pattern that you would like on your own or from a professional.

Glass Backsplash Is The Most Practical Product On Market

9. Practical Usability

The glass is a very good reflector of light. This means with the same amount of light, you will be able to get a brighter kitchen. Plus, a lot fewer shadows and a lot more energy saving. This might not make a big difference during the day but when the night kicks in and you have to prepare midnight meals or do late night cooking because you got late from work, the lightning matters a lot. Moreover, glass has the ability to create an illusion of making space look bigger. This adds to the practicality of installing a glass splashback.

10. Scratch Resistant

It is advisable to use toughened tempered glass when selecting the material for kitchen splashbacks because not only it is resistant to heat, it has excellent anti-scratch properties as well. Since a backsplash stays near the area where the maximum action happens in the kitchen, it is a good idea to opt for a material which can handle a decent amount of rubbing from the steel and aluminum utensils.

A glass backsplash can be a very interesting investment if you put some effort and thought into it. Not only does it uplifts the mood and feel of the kitchen, it also serves the reason why kitchen splashbacks were even invented. 

In case you are still looking for materials that can be used for a backsplash, consider using glass, it won’t let you down.

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